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Aftereffects of Coming Out of aCult
A Mormon for President? Learn the Mormon Church's Secret Agenda for America
Archaeological Ruins of the Americas: Do they validate the Book of Mormon?
Baptism for the Dead - Part 1: Will the Mormon Church Baptize You After You Die?
Baptism for the Dead - Part 2: Joseph Smith and the Gnostics
Baptism for the Dead - Part 3: Joseph Smith's secret sources for his revelations
Dilemma of Mormons, Members of Fringe Religions, and Other Cults Converting to Traditional Christianity
Do We Need a Prophet to Head the Church?
Escape From the Cult: The author's experience of being held prisoner by a Mormon Fundamentalist group
Ex-cultist Post Conversion Problems in Ill-equipped Churches
God and the Trinity - Part 1 
God and the Trinity - Part 2
God and the Trinity - Part 3 - The Mormon Perspective
Is the Mormon Church Turning Christian?
Interview with Janis Hutchinson: Her experience in the Mormon Church

Joseph Smith's Involvement with Magic, Masonry and the Occult
Joseph Smith's Validity as a Prophet: Examining his prophetic role
Joseph's Magic Hat: The real source of his revelations
LDS (Mormon) Deception in Latin America by Joel Groat

The Law of Adoption and the Sealing of Men to Men

Mormon Fundamentalism and Plural Marriage
Mormonism's Divine Mother Goddess-Part 1
Mormonism and the Great Apostasy
Mormons in Politics: Responding to Mitt Romney's 2008 candidacy
Mormon Missionaries: Do they believe their own doctrines?
Mormon Temple Ceremony: A first-hand account of First Endowment (with pictures)
Mormon Temple Ceremony: includes Second Endowment.
MormonTestimony, the
Mother in Heaven-Part 2
Polygamy - The 1886 Resurrected Appearance of Joseph Smith and Jesus Christ, Validating Polygamy
Priesthood, the Mormon: Is it the only valid priesthood God recognizes?
The Political Agenda of the Mormon Church
The Prayer Circle in the Mormon Temple
The Principles of Mass Movements (refuting the Mormon claim that its longevity proves the church was started by God)
Seven Seductions of a Cult
Strategies of theLDS Church
The Divine Mother Goddess of Mormonism
The Ex-Mormon Dilemma: Loss of Roots, Identity and Story

The White Indians of the Americas: Do they prove the Book of Mormon? (Part 1)

The White Indians of Pre-Columbian America: Is there a Book of Mormon connection to the white Indians of the Canary, Polynesian and Easter Islands? (Part 2)
The Witnesses to the Book of Mormon: What did they really see?
Inspiring Short Stories

Humorous stories
Miscellaneous articles

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