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Janis Hutchinson
Everett, WA
Blog: (no dot after the www)
Phone: (425)783-0476

I am available to speak at church services, seminars, conferences and women's retreats.

I speak on Christian subjects as well as Mormonism; however, I find that most churches are mainly interested in hearing my testimony about coming out of Mormonism after being held prisoner by the Fundamentalists. And while I share that with pleasure, I do not tell it because of its sensationalism. There's something else more important about my experience. God. If He had not been leading and watching over me . . . if He had not spoken audibly to me when I nearly died in that small room where I was held captive . . . if he had not kept his promise in Jeremiah 1:12 to perform His word in my life . . . if He had not enabled my escape . . . I literally would not be here today.

If your church, women's ministry or other organization is interested in having me speak, read on.
Janis Hutchinson is credentialed as a licensed minister with her church. Her speaking engagements in the U.S. include Utah, Texas, Missouri, Georgia, California and Washington.
She is a former Mormon of 35 years who passionately shares her unique story of how God led her out of the mainline LDS Church; also out of a Mormon Fundamentalist group.

Held prisoner by the Fundamentalists for nine months in a small room after spies discovered her sneaking away to a Christian church, she was pressured to renounce the Christian Jesus. She refused and nearly died. God audibly spoke to her enabling her escape despite debilitating health problems. She converted to Christ with a firm testimony that He saves, delivers, and heals all those who put their trust in him.

In her presentation, she does not focus on Mormon doctrine but, rather, on Jer. 1:12: “I am alert and active, watching over my Word to perform it.” Applying it to her story, she illustrates the specific instances and scriptural passages where God indeed performed His word, highlighting the marvelous manifestations and miracles he used along the way as he led her out of darkness and into light.
            Her presentation includes:
  • How God revealed to her that Jesus is indeed the Christ.
  • How he disclosed his true nature and corrected her Mormon concept of God.
  •  How she learned there was p-o-w-e-r in the name of Jesus.
  • What happened to convince her that Satan was real.
  • How and where he led her so she could learn for sure that Mormonism was false.
  • How he aided her escape from Fundamentalists who held her prisoner.
  • What promise in Jeremiah God faithfully performed in her behalf ... and will for you!
Her story is a reminder of God’s love, and confirms the living reality of Jeremiah 1:12 wherein God assures his children that He is alert and active, constantly performing His Word in their lives.

Graduating Cumma Sum Laude with a B.Th and M.A. in Theology, she has taught classes at both the Bible College and church level; is a frequent guest on Christian TV and radio talk shows, and served twelve years as worldwide mentor for the Institute of Religious Research, counseling Mormons and ex-Mormons.

She is an award-winning author of numerous articles, short stories and booklets which have been published nationally and internationally. She has been interviewed and featured in Christian magazines and was awarded “Writer of the Year” by the American Christian Writers Association. Two of her major books are “Out of the Cults and Into the Church: Understanding and encouraging ex-cultists,” and “The Mormon Missionaries: An inside look at their real message and methods”(1st edition: Kregel Pub.; 2nd edition published by Cross and Pen Ministries.).  She is also recognized as an authority on the difficult adjustment ex-cultists go through after accepting Christ, and educates Pastors and Christians on how they can help.

Janis has raised three children alone after being widowed twice. She presently lives in Everett, Washington. To reach her, see Contact page, or email her at

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