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A Call to Arms: How to save your children and grandchildren--also the future of America

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A “Call to Arms” is a phrase used by leaders when facing a national crisis that requires offensive or defensive weapons. Today’s post-truth culture, which is pulling our children and grandchildren into spiritual and moral decay and obliterating America’s values, demands the same kind of response. 

Why? Because our children and grandchildren, many raised in Christian homes, are leaving the faith. The secular message promulgated to today’s younger generation is loud and clear: “God is dead!

It’s the same theme begun in the sixties with the “Death of God Movement” that mushroomed into today’s anti-God, secular and atheistic ideologies that have since developed (even in school curriculums) into injurious pressure by cancel culture’s Leftist activists to muzzle free speech—especially about the Christian God—and conform to their point of view, or else suffer the consequences.

This article will tell you how to combat this spiritual corruption and safeguard your family by revealing a special strategy on what you can do—and it’s not just reading scripture to your children.  Read on . . .  



Traditional values . . . along with traditional Christian-based morality . . . is our present crisis—not an external threat from terrorists or warlike nations or a viral pandemic, but a decline of faith, truth, and morality.
It is hollowing out our society from within.
(Michael Yousseff, Hope for the Present Crisis)(1)

How is today’s post-truth culture affecting our youth?
Many of today’s youths—even those raised in Christian homes—are leaving their faith after high school, never to return. 

“I don’t believe the Bible anymore!”

Swept into spiritual and moral confusion by today’s secular culture, manipulative anti-God ideologies, and atheistic school curriculums, they are being convinced by educators and others that the God of the Bible is not real, and never was—only a mythology, a figment of a past generation’s superstitious imagination

Here are the studies to prove it:

Three-fourths of the 80 million millennials from Christian homes in the US, influenced by today’s atheistic propaganda, are leaving their faith and church, with high percentages swayed to believe the following:

·         68% disregard the reality of God, the Holy Spirit, and consider all biblical accounts,  myths

·         51% percent view Jesus’ resurrection from the dead as a myth

·         63% no longer believe Jesus is the Son of God(2)

·         60% leave Christianity by their early twenties(3)

And don’t miss this!

·     Some may return to the faith of their Christian parents, but 69 percent of the above 60 percent leaving in their early twenties will remain gone.(4) 70% of those in college will leave the faith, with only 35% eventually returning—and statistical trends up to 2050 indicate no change for the future.(5)

No wonder the Barna Report, the leading research organization that strategically tracks the role of faith in America, is adamant about sending the following warning to Christian families:

Families, hoping to ensure “a vibrant, lasting faith in the next generation” will find that the “current state of affairs is not promising.(6)

Further, surveys and studies now show Christian churches admitting that the pervasive secular worldview, societal ideologies of atheism, and disregard of biblical and traditional morals, are exerting a stronger influence on tweens, teens, and young adults than the traditional Christian teachings they are receiving at home and at church.

Wow . . . that’s saying a lot!

Parents and grandparents now recognize that their families are in a state of spiritual crisis!

“What more can we do?”

What is the answer?
The answer springboards logically from the informative groundwork laid in my previous blog, “The Cultural Death of God: Can he be resurrected?” 

That article presented a startling eye-opener on the “why” of today’s purposeful suppression of God and explained why God’s demise and his values is a fundamental necessity for those presently in power to achieve their long-range political goal for America—which intends to be anything but a government by or for the people. It also revealed details on the specific methods being used that are damaging Christian youth, beginning with manipulative school programs that start as early as kindergarten. (If you missed that article, you can check it out here:

 What I promised to give you
At the end of “The Cultural Death of God: Can he be resurrected?” (see "Archived Articles" on the dashboard), I promised that this article would provide practical suggestions on what you can successfully do to combat the spiritual corruption of your children and grandchildren and build in them an unshakeable faith in God’s reality through reactivating an old, but proven biblical strategy (please don’t yawn and say you are already reading the Bible to your kids and that’s enough—because it isn’t).

This resuscitated strategy, updated for 21st-century application, is drawn from my book, The Joshua Project: Three overlooked biblical strategies for parents and grandparents to strengthen their family’s faith (notice it says “three” strategies) and is available on Amazon.

However, I'll present this special strategy toward the end of this article. First, I want to briefly review the four school programs mentioned in my previous article, why the Left is pushing those programs, what their goal is, and how they plan to achieve it. Then, I'll introduce you to two new programs I haven't covered before.

Here's their "goal" and "why"
In order for the Leftist powers-that-be to successfully bring about their goal of socialism leading to an eventual totalitarian government, it must continue influencing the younger generation by eradicating the traditional God, his values, and morals. Why? To eliminate any competitive loyalty to another entity (God) that would compete with obedience to a future autocratic government and leader. This is not far-fetched. It is already evident to many.

So, to successfully achieve this, the Left must focus on one thing—change thinking patterns.

Here’s the “how:” Since it is difficult to change the thinking patterns of older adults, the easiest way to accomplish this is to begin in schools with children in Kindergarten.

The specific methods promulgated in schools (more fully presented in my previous article), describes the following:

  • SIECUS’S (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States) agenda for early sex education, deliberate gender confusion,(7) and rejection of absolutes (morals can now be assessed in the eye of the beholder).
  • John Dewey’s Darwinian atheism.(8)
  • Purposeful deficient student learning.(9)
  • Project 1619, an altered presentation of America’s history depicting America’s founders and US Presidents as “white racists.” Twelve Civil War historians and political scientists in a letter to the New York Times have denounced it as “inaccurate and not historical.”(10)
But now . . . prepare to be even more shocked! Here are two new programs being introduced into our school systems not mentioned in my previous article:
  • The Ethnic Studies Model.
    This curriculum was approved by the California Department of Education on May 13, 2021, to build unity in the classroom against the Christian God, and cause all to think alike by participating in chants to a variety of non-Christian, pre-Columbian gods in the Aztec pantheon.(11) While this goes against the First Amendment, this new curriculum is intended for California’s 10,000 primary and secondary public schools consisting of 6 million students.(12) The Los Angeles Unified School District states it as a requirement for graduation starting in 2023-2024.(13) Other states are following.

Here are more specifics, including what will take place in the classroom, as described by Christopher F. Rufo, Contributing Editor at the City Journal Magazine on Urban Affairs, and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute:

This model was developed by Marxist theoretician Paolo Freir, designed to “critique and challenge white supremacy . . . displace the Christian God, who is said to be an extension of white supremacist oppression” . . . restore “indigenous gods to their rightful place,” and “develop the capacity to overthrow oppressors.” The basis is to “promote critical thinking and ‘a rigorous analysis of history, the status quo and systems of oppression,’ covering ‘African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, and Native Americans.’”(14)

This is what will shockingly take place in the classroom:

“The proposed new curriculum will have teachers leading students in chanting the names of Aztec gods . . . directly appealing to the deities of the Aztec pantheon for the power to become “warriors of ‘love, ecological and social justice.” They will chant and clap “to Tezcatlipoca, a cannibalistic wizard-god who, according to the Aztec tradition, brought the downfall to the Toltec civilization in favor of the human sacrificing Aztecs.” They will also “chant to other deities including Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec sun god, and Xipe Totek, seeking ‘healing epistemologies’ and a ‘revolutionary spirit.’ The chant ends with a request for ‘liberation, transformation, decolonization,’ after which students shout ‘Panche beh! Panche beh!’ which translates to ‘seeking the roots of the truth’ or ‘think critically.”(15)

The other school agenda is: 

  • Critical Race Theory (CRT). Described as “harmful and divisive materials in the classroom,” it is a neo-Marxist program that fosters racial conflict and social division and (like Marxism and Communist China which divides people by class), teaches that “all ‘white people’ are racist oppressors with power and privilege, and all non-white people are oppressed victims.”(16) This has also been approved by the California State Board of Education for their schools, with other states following.(17) 

Although, on the surface, the descriptive phrases used (to “assure equality and cultural competency”) sound like a great program for school systems—don’t be deceived. 

The word “equality” means equalizing and elevating the six minority groups (African Americans, American Indians, Alaskan natives, Asians, Hispanics, and Pacific Islanders; also, refugees and immigrants), which sounds fine at first, but seriously discriminates against children who are white. 

The Left (atheists or not) needs to be reminded that God is no respecter of persons (Rom. 2:11). This means He shows no favoritism to one or more races over others. All are equal in his sight, as stated in Gal. 3:28: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus." 

While the CRT is not a program directed against God perse, I mention it because your children and grandchildren need to be made aware of it so they won’t suffer shame and a guilt mentality that is going to be foisted upon them for being white (the reason being because America’s earlier whites participated in slavery). 

This is confirmed by Dr. Gary Thompson at the Early Life Child Psychology and Education Center, who also serves on the Advisory Board of U.S. Parents Involved in Education. He said: 

Many public schools are now teaching children as young as second and third grade that “whiteness” is synonymous with evil, that the police systematically hunt down and murder black men deliberately, and all these other highly charged political convictions that they’re teaching as if they’re uncontested fact.(18)

Besides California incorporating CRT into their educational program, other states are following. I only mention the below two because the quotes are revealing, as reported by the Epoch Times, and the Liberty in Education organization: 

Oregon's Department of Education is training teachers to “deconstruct White supremacy culture in their classrooms,” and told not to foster “conditions for competition and individual success” (the latter means a student’s success will no longer be based on their individual skill and academic achievement). CRT’s aim is to reduce both teachers and students “to nothing more than the color of their skin and lowering the bar for academic achievements.”(19)

North Carolina (Wake County and Rockingham County) has “launched a campaign to eradicate ‘whiteness in educational spaces,’ and “ordered to override families.” A teacher in Rockingham County “forced children of European heritage to stand in front of the class and apologize for their ‘white privilege,’” all of which place feelings of guilt and inferiority on themThis invoked the “fuming outrage of many parents.” (italics mine).(20) 

Jesus said in Mark 9:42:

“If anyone causes, or offends, or makes stumble one of these little ones (the Message Bible says those who “give them a hard time, bullying or taking advantage of”), it would be better for them if a large millstone were hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.” 

The dangers of today’s “wokeness” programs are recognized by many. Hundreds of anti-woke scholars called the “American Scholars Project,” are already working to try and change college curriculums that are promoting CRT, and instead promote traditional values.(21) 

Fortunately, there are a growing number of states that understand the dangers and are determined to ban CRT in their public schools. They are (as of this writing): Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, and W. Virginia. More will probably follow once they realize the underlying discriminatory bias and guilt imposed on white children. 

Schools aren’t the only ones to embrace Critical Race Theory
While the main focus of this blog article is on the harmful programs in our schools that contribute to the diminishing of God, one should also become knowledgeable of its wide-reaching influence in other organizations like the following:

Department of Agriculture: CRT has reached into the US Department of Agriculture and President Biden’s Financial Aid Pandemic Stimulus package by excluding “white” farmers from receiving financial aid under the USDA’s Loan Forgiveness program. They will only give it to the six minority races (listed above), all of which is illegal. A law suit is in motion against President Biden by the AFL (America First Legal) that is representing white farmers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Ohio.(22) 

A federal judge in Texas recently ruled against Biden’s administration from doling out pandemic-relief grants to restaurant owners because it was based solely on race and gender, in a lawsuit that discriminated against a white restaurant owner.(23) 

The American Medical Association has also embraced CRT, stating their objective is to “treat everyone the same.” This sounds good, but the CRT automatically demands that “whites” be discriminated against in favor of the six minority races, and made to feel guilty because of white slave owners in early America.(24)

The Walt Disney Corporation has also joined in, emphasizing that their “white” employees must “examine and work through feelings of guilt and shame to be healed.”(25) 

The Military: On May 14, 2021, Lt. Colonel Matthew Lohmeier, Commander of the 11th Space Warning Squadron at Buckly Air Force Base, Colo., considered by many as a hero, was relieved of command because his book Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military, revealed how the Marxist-oriented CRT had infiltrated the military,”(26) both of which are “antithetical to American values and attack America’s documents.”(27) (In an interview, Lohmeier describes the particulars in this endnote.)(28) 

America’s downhill slide
America’s schools (besides government agencies and secular organizations) are becoming discriminating, godless indoctrination centers, embracing "plans" that contribute to the erosion of the America God intended. They are incorporating "plans" that contain faulty concepts, not only of America’s founding principles (Project 1619), fostering undeserved guilt and shame in our children (CRT), but particularly replacing the Christian God by chanting to Aztec gods (Ethnic Studies Model), and denouncing the public mention of biblical ethics and morals that perceptive people understand is necessary for the common good of society.

Therefore, America needs to heed the Lord’s stated disapproval before we reap the whirlwind: 

Woe to the rebellious children, to those who carry out "plans" that are not mine, forming an alliance, but not by my Spirit, heaping sin upon sin (Isa. 30:1).

 Our responsibility

Parents and grandparents are given the responsibility to pass godly principles of morality, ethics, and high standards, on to the next generation. This is especially important as our children and grandchildren struggle through an increasingly ungodly culture that mythologizes God, negates his absolutes, and instills socialism and Marxist ideologies into the minds of our young children, something our founding fathers never envisioned for America. 

Regrettably, many, including some Christians, are influenced by the loudest voices they hear, especially when those voices sound authoritative.  Author, Steven K. Scott, comments on this in his book, The Greatest Words Ever Spoken: 

Unfortunately, most of us base our lives on a mixture of things we’ve learned from every source we’ve been exposed to. As a result, the foundation of our beliefs is a combination of truth and falsehood, including contradictory information and false assumptions.(30)

If families don’t take the proverbial bull by the horns and do something now, it will be too late. Parents need to check their children’s school programs for leftist curriculums (Project 1619, Critical Race Theory, and Ethnic Studies Model), and if present speak out against them, and make a point to train their children and grandchildren against the negatives of these programs they may face. 

If we don’t, our young people will carry on the false information they are being fed into succeeding generations and adapt to a secular, godless life. Faith in God and his principles will cease to exist, and America will continue its downward decline into what Thomas Jefferson describes as an “abyss from which there shall be no resurrection for it.”(31) 

Mary Eberstadt, in her book, How the West Really Lost God, says: 

All it takes, “is the failure of a single generation to hand down a tradition for that tradition to disappear in the life of a family and the life of a community.(32)

 We are that single generation!

What is the greatest need to combat the Leftist attack on our children?
The Left is working hard to destroy any allegiance in the minds of the younger generation to the Christian God and his absolutes by mythologizing him, and naming and shaming via cancel-culture those who dare to speak out about their traditional beliefs and any wrongs they see.

Therefore . . . the greatest need for today’s youth is to be “convinced” (I mean really convinced) that God actually exists! 

How can we do this?
The below strategy I promised to tell you about is taken from my book, The Joshua Project: Three overlooked biblical strategies for parents and grandparents to strengthen their family’s faith. It presents a proven (but often overlooked) three-step method God mandated to Joshua in Deut. 6:4-9, and updated to a twenty-first-century version. 

It was God’s rallying call to action to Israel’s parents and grandparents to keep Him alive in their families for generations to come. It was faithfully observed by Israel for centuries, and today’s Jews still carry the three strategies on. Christian believers can (and should) do the same, and will achieve the same success. 

Joshua’s modernized, ingenious plan will prove more than sufficient to persuade today’s young people that God is not a myth but real, and still active today. 

My own children and grandchildren’s reaction to this exceptional plan was amazing. The effect was more than I hoped for. It resulted in their impressive statements of deepened faith and renewed awareness of God’s reality. In my book, The Joshua Project, I include the written testimonies of their reaction and what it spiritually did for them. It will do the same for your family! 

An added benefit is that your devoted effort to this much-needed program, and how it has affected your family’s faith, will carry over to your future descendants to give them reassurance about God and also influence a change in America’s present trajectory of decline. The latter will become evident in the way they vote in political elections and the way they pass on their faith (and yours) to their children and grandchildren. 

The first of the three-step strategies
Joshua made it clear what God wanted Israel’s families to specifically do. Step 1 of the three strategies was to “verbally” pass on their faith stories of God’s divine activity in Israel. For example, “telling” their children and grandchildren the handed-down and written stories about their delivery from slavery in Egypt, the splitting of the Red Sea, how God fed them manna in the desert, helped them win battles against enemies, and led them to a promised land—especially by those in the beginning who were eye-witnesses of those events. 

They were specifically told how: 

Repeat them again and again to your children. Talk about them when you are at home and when you are on the road, when you are going to bed and when you are getting up. (Deut. 6:7–8) 

Amazingly, 600 years later, Asaph, who served as choir director under King David and Solomon, rehearsed how Israel was continuing to keep this up, determined to obey God and affect the faith of their future descendants: 

We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about his power and his mighty wonders . . .  so the next generation might know them—even the children not yet born—and they in turn will teach their own children. So each generation should set its hope anew on God not forgetting his glorious miracles and obeying his commands (Ps. 78:4, 6–7).

Besides verbalizing their stories about what God did for them, there were two other strategies for Israel to incorporate into this plan—which I’ll get to in a minute. 

But first . . . an important note to parents and grandparents: 

When implementing this plan, families must first understand that it requires more than spouting scriptures to their families to convince their children and grandchildren of God’s reality.

Why? Because too many young people today are already convinced, according to a CARA National Survey, that faith in the God of the Bible is “far-fetched,” similar to believing in “Santa Claus” and the Easter Bunny.”(32) 

Therefore, because of this erroneous belief, youth and young adults are now voicing this challenge: 

 If God is real, give us proof!” 

What “kind” of proof do they need?
The proof they insist on can’t be from centuries-old scripture, since they have been persuaded to believe God and the biblical accounts are only myths. 

What proof will work?
Like God instructed Israel, it is the declaration of your present-day witness and stories of God’s reality, more especially those based on your own “personal experiences.” 

True-life, supernatural accounts of God’s blessings in your life have the power to combat secular, anti-God influences your children and grandchildren struggle with.

The necessity to be specific
Your witness, however, cannot be just a general statement that you believe in God and are convinced he still blesses people today—it has to be the telling of actual accounts where God specifically intervened in your life. You can also choose one or two scriptures that verify your experience, but the focus will be on God truly doing something specific in your life, the same way he did in ancient Israel and Jesus’ day. Your personal testimonies can prove that God is not a myth, and will produce a decisive effect in your children and grandchildren.

This effect will become evident when they are confronted about God’s reality by others who appear knowledgeable or are faced with spiritual and moral decisions that negate God’s absolutes. They may not remember a scripture, but they will recall the memorable, first-hand testimonies you shared with them that verify God’s actuality in today’s world and think the following:

I know the testimonies of what God did in my parents’ and grandparents’ lives are true; so, God has to be real! (They may even share one of your faith stories with those challenging them.)

 The need for reinforcement using Joshua’s other two-step strategies
While the “verbalization” of your faith accounts is very important, your responsibility doesn’t stop with just the oral presentation.” That’s only Step 1. 

Personal accounts need to be further reinforced and fortified in children’s minds by incorporating all three strategies that God mandated. 

The other two methods, besides verbalizing, are “writing” and “physical memorials.” The combination of all three has the power to combat today’s secular, anti-God pressures with both young and old children and grandchildren, and strengthen their faith in a more persuasive and compelling way. 

Now, to the specifics of Joshua’s three-step plan . . . 

How to start
The following describes how you go about implementing a “Joshua Project” for use in your family with the same strategies ancient Israel successfully used for centuries . . . “verbalizing,” “writing,” and using “physical memorials.” 

Please be aware that far more detail than given below is provided in my book, which includes extensive, step-by-step instructions, with illustrations and examples from my own Joshua Project.

So, here we go . . .

 Step 1 – Collect the testimonies you want to verbalize

  • Make a list of all your faith stories that testify to God’s blessings and activity in your life that prove his reality. They can be miracles and healings, or more indirect interventions where there can be no logical explanation other than God.·   

Note: Don’t worry if you can’t recall any particular event yet that you consider miraculous or out of the ordinary. You have at least one very important testimony―your salvation experience with Jesus. It was at that point, as the hymn goes, when you first saw the light, felt the burden of your heart roll away, and were redeemed from the bondage of sin and assured of eternal life. Your testimony should present how it changed you, giving details of the before and after, and witnessing that God’s love and forgiveness are still real and available today.

If you are still at a loss, to begin with, feel free to refer to the supernatural testimonies of others. There are many books on Amazon of personal encounters with God that you can use—although your own (or a relative’s) will admittedly carry more weight.

  • Write one to three short descriptive sentences to summarize each event. Print the list out, using a large font (or hand-write), and hang it on the wall in your front room or another well-trafficked place. List them chronologically. You might choose to identify each event either by how old you were at the time, or the year it occurred (suggested formats and decorative embellishment ideas, along with example pictures are in my book).

A later section in my book gives stories of godly interventions to serve as examples of the “kinds” of testimonies you can include in your Joshua Project. They are taken from my own experiences and those of my children and grandchildren. 

Your list will incite curiosity and invoke questions from your children and grandchildren, young and old, as they peruse them. When they read the short description of each, they will definitely want to hear the full details. 

When they inquire, this gives you the opportunity to sit them down, engage them in a face-to-face conversation, and verbally describe the full event and how awesome God is (everyone loves a story). At the conclusion of your verbalization, you can choose one or two scriptural principles, or a biblical account, that coincide with and validate your experience. 

Step 2 – Write “full” accounts of all your testimonies

    • Guided by your wall list, write out each event in full, and in first-person story form. Better yet, type on the computer and print the pages out.

    • Place the pages in a special three-ring notebook; or, you can have the book professionally printed and bound at a Fed-X, or similar printing service.

Your book can also be mentioned in your Last Will and Testament, signifying who should be responsible for passing it on. Doing this will guarantee your many faith stories that testify to God’s reality will survive your demise and be transmitted to future generations to enhance their faith which, in our growing secular culture, could possibly be hanging like a thread. Detailed legacy instructions are in my book.

Step 3 – Create “memorials”

    • Create physical memorials to place in your home (details and pictures of my own memorials are in my book). These are to correlate with two or three (or more) of your favorite faith stories hanging on the wall that testify to God’s reality. 

Here are a few examples on what to use for memorials (more are in my book), but your own imagination can come up with other ideas:

    • Seen an angel? Find a statue of an angel in a thrift store. Prepare a statement to attach to your memorial about what the story represents, and include a scripture that confirms it as valid. Suggested scripture, Heb. 1:14: “Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation?
    • Unexpected finances in time of need? Find a piggy bank. Suggested scripture, Phil. 4:19: “My God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”
    • Answered prayer? Find a statue of praying hands, or someone kneeling in prayer. Suggested scripture, Matt. 7:7: “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
The aim is to create something visually interesting to provoke curiosity and questions from children and grandchildren, especially younger ones who may not read yet. Guests in your home may also inquire about your memorials. This gives you the opportunity to verbalize in detail the faith story the memorial represents.

Memorials can be placed on a coffee table, or small table-easel hung on a wall or included on mantles or shelves. I believe it is best to place them in the front room or family room where they will be seen by more people. You can also place one on a dresser in the guest bedroom. Choose where they will attract the most attention.

For a “holder” of my own memorial objects on my coffee table, I use the bottom tray extension of an “L” shaped bookend (pictured directly below) to secure the statue on and use the upright part to tape a religious picture, an applicable scripture, or anything you want to say about the event that will incite curiosity (see example further below). Office stores have two sizes, short and tall. I prefer the tall:

  • Tape an envelope against the backside of the upright part of the bookend for each memorial, with the opening flap facing outward for easy access (see picture below). Inside the envelope, put a typed (or handwritten) full account of the specific event. You can also place a note on the part of the envelope that extends visibly out to one side of the bookstand that says, “Feel free to read contents.” Family members who have heard you verbalize the full story before will enjoy reading it again on their own, even when you are not at home.

One of my memorials: a baby shoe with a thermometer in it. Jer. 10:6 is at the top. This represents the event when my baby was instantly healed of an oncoming, high-fever seizure when I called on Jesus' "Name." This story is in my book).

At your passing, your children and grandchildren will likely divide your memorial objects between themselves as permanent keepsakes. You could even ask family members which ones they prefer and list the recipients for each one in your “Personal Property” bequests normally located at the back of your will. 

There is much more detail in my book, but the above ideas give you a general idea.

God provided an effective plan
By establishing a “Joshua Project” (the three methods) in our homes, we can do the same as Joshua did when he instructed ancient Israel. It enables us to testify of God’s reality using our personal experiences where God intervened in our life. It will combat the spiritual corruption being taught to your children and grandchildren by peers and in the schools, and build in them an unshakeable faith in God’s reality. 

God is calling us to action!

Today’s post-truth culture, with its anti-God mythological thrust, denigration of biblical absolutes, and woke-indoctrination programs, demands every family’s immediate attention—not only for your children and grandchildren’s spiritual sake but also for the sake of your future descendants who, influenced by what has been passed on to them, will maintain their relationship with God and influence the nation’s trajectory of decline to gradually change it back to the way God intended.

We have a grave responsibility to bravely stand up against the incorrect concepts being instilled into our children:

Parents and grandparents should consider doing the following in your family:

  • Pass on your personal faith testimonies that witness to the reality of God and his biblical truths by using the three strategies mandated by God to Israel—verbalizing, writing, and creating memorials.·        
  • Take every opportunity to discuss or mention the truthfulness of the Bible, biblical morals, and stress that God's reality is just as evident today as it was in Bible times.
  • Check out the school programs being taught to your children and grandchildren, and stand against the Ethnic Studies Model that divides races into discriminating classes, along with its chanting to Aztec and other pre-Columbian gods, and putting down of the Christian God as a “white supremacist.” 

  • Speak out against Project 1619, which portrays an altered view of American history, portraying its founders and US Presidents as racists who started the American Revolution so they could preserve slavery, and promote America’s true narrative, founding values, and principles.
  • Do what you can to stop the passing of any bill in your state that allows the Critical Race Theory to be taught in the schools that establish the Marxist racial “oppressor and victim” mentality, classifying all whites as racist oppressors and placing shame and guilt trips on children. If the bill has already passed, arm your children against feeling shamed or guilty because they happen to be white. Parents and grandparents must not assume the old adage, “you can’t fight city hall.” Enough voices CAN make a difference!
  • Fight against the “political correctness” extremes, with its Cancel-culture’s unfair “naming and shaming” censorship for those who openly mention the Christian God, and insist on the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of religion and speech, with the right to mention one’s faith in God publicly, and freedom of the press to voice ideas and opinions.

Declaring your knowledge, beliefs, ideals, and biblical absolutes in a purposeful, and consistent basis to your family over the dinner table, in the car, at bedtime, and through the use of your Joshua Project’s wall list and memorials (as well as your book containing the full accounts), as mandated in Deut. 6:7–8, will shape generations of new conservative descendants and, in the long run, not only save their souls but also America’s founding principles.

Until next time...(I’ll be shifting to a new subject)


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